About NewLife Co., Ltd. (in English/英語)

When was founded, New Life Co., Ltd. was in the home-visit nursing care business. At that time, I often encountered scenes where elderly people who spent almost every time in bed continued to watch TV in an uncomfortable position.

Watching a general stationery-type TELEVISION on the bed will keep your face in the same direction, maintaining the same posture, and will cause serious fatigue to your neck, spine, etc.

While this is the true for healthy people, it is more so an issue for people with disabilities and the elderly. Therefore, as a result of examining whether there is a way to have people watch TV comfortably and in a natural posture, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop such an arm type TELEVISION that does not require the body to adjust to the direction of the TV, but instead moves the angle, direction, and position of the TV freely, quickly and easily according to the body’s position..

In addition, we are developing current main product, "Pitatto (means just, right, precisely) Arm type LCD TV". This TV can be viewed in a reclined position.

We believe that safety products are of utmost importance for people with disabilities and the elderly, and we have made continued improvements.Today, we have achieved a safety design that can withstand earthquakes, and have grown to include as many as 10,000 units in hospitals and nursing homes.

We are expanding our lineup to introduce such "Pitatto Arm" not only to specialized facilities but also to general households at the requests of families who provide nursing care to loved ones. It is possible to live a stimulating and rich life, even while confined to a bed.

The philosophy of New Life Co., Ltd. is to enhance a "new life" as its name suggests. Caregivers are energized, conversations increase, and families are brighter. Because of these wonderful benefits/improvements/enhancements to quality of life, we will continue to develop these products in the future in hopes of spreading the "Pitatto Arm" to ordinary households.

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